2009. augusztus 14., péntek

EURADIN National Workshop in Budapest attracts the major stakeholders

Ing.Corrado Iannucci, Chair of the EURADIN Work Package on Dissemination and Networking on behalf EUROGI. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2009

(Updated as of 24 August, 2009)
The First Hungarian EURADIN National Workshop will take place in Budapest on 2nd September. Despite the high season for holidays, so far 38 of the 40 seats available have been registered by experts and decision makers from the government, public sector, academia and NGOs among others the Ministry of Environment and Water, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Central Office of Public Administration and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH), Central Statistical Office (KSH), VÁTI, Intermap Ltd, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and MLBKT (the Hungarian Society of Purchase, Logistics and Inventory) respectively. Places are reserved for experts of Ministry of Self-governments and Regional Development, Ministry of Energy and Transport, and Arcanum Ltd.
The event is organised by HUNAGI in conjuction with FÖMI and Geox Ltd. The workshop will be hosted by FÖMI. International participation will be provided by EUROGI (EURADIN WP9 Chair Ing.Corrado Iannucci) and Stefan Klotz of BEV, Austria.

Latest news:
The Workshop will be participated by representative of the State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO), the vice President of the National Office of Research and Technology as well as experts of the Hungarian Post Shareholding Co.

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