2009. június 29., hétfő


Dear EAF member,

you might be interested in accessing the EURADIN website https://www.euradin.eu.

The project Newsletter (June 2009) has been recently added, with information also about the recent General Assembly and Technical Review.

If you are attending GSDI-11 in Rotterdam, do not forget the following workshops:

1) Tools and experience in support of implementing INSPIRE data specifications : “Experience from the testing of Address data specifications (EURADIN project)”

2) Lessons learnt and best practices from GI-SDI projects – II: “EURADIN project”

You can find more details on: http://www.ec-gis.org/Workshops/inspire_2009.

Please disseminate the above information as useful for your organisation.

Best regards

Corrado Iannucci

EURADIN WP9 leader

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